Pure Naples Art Jewelry FAQ


What is sea glass?

Sea glass is basically old bottles, tableware, jars, etc. that found its way into the waters and, after many years (decades), the broken glass becomes smoothed and polished naturally from exposure to the sand, saltwater and surf.  It develops the hallmark pitting and frosting that only the sea can produce. The most desirable sea glass is frosted, smooth and rounded.  Some of the most sought-after jewelry-grade sea glass comes from rockier beaches than our Gulf coast and is much smaller than what is available locally, but we believe that our hand picked, locally-sourced sea glass is every bit as beautiful, desirable and certainly as authentic as that found elsewhere.  We have resolved to create jewelry ONLY from sea glass we have personally collected and have NOT altered or attempted to reproduce.

As modern recycling efforts and ecological awareness increases, sea glass is becoming more and more scarce  It is often considered vintage treasure by those who recognize its value. Your piece of sea glass jewelry will be a unique one-of-a-kind, locally sourced, upcycled keepsake - a tangible example of the adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

How do I care for my jewelry?

Because sea glass is glass, take every precaution in wearing your jewelry that you would in handling a glass item.  If dropped on a hard surface, your sea glass jewelry may break so take care to secure the clasp when wearing and/or removing your jewelry.  If a clasp or link breaks, we will work with you to repair the item, as this is a workmanship issue. If there is a defect in the workmanship, we will do our best to make it right. Please contact us via our email form or contact Heather at 239.571.8974 or Bubba at 239.289.4402.​ Please note that we cannot guarantee against glass breakage.

4K Gold-Filled is a great alternative to precious solid gold. If you take good care, it will last you a life time. It will not chip or flake like gold plated but please keep it away from chemicals like chlorine, bleach, perfume etc. These might damage it beyond repair. Always put it on last and take it off first.


Can my sea glass jewelry break?

In a word, yes.  While sea glass does go through a chemical transformation in the process of turning a shiny, translucent shard of broken glass into the rounded, frosted nugget that becomes jewelry (a process that strengthens the glass as it becomes smaller and rounded) it is still glass and, if dropped on tile or similar hard surface, it can shatter.  Therefore, you should care for your sea glass pendant as you would a semi-precious stone or cut glass pendant.

Sizing details

All photos are magnified to show detail.  Dimensions are clearly identified in the listing. We take all the measurements carefully. They are all written in close approximations so you can read easily and determine dimensions. Please take a minute to read them and check all images to avoid disappointment.

Will I receive the exact item shown?

Yes.  You will receive exactly the item shown in the photo of the item you ordered.

Will the colors in my shell jewelry fade?

All things tend to lose their color with time, and since shells are organic, this is true for them, as well.  However, we have done everything scientifically possible to bring out and preserve the deep natural colors of our shells: we only collect the most colorful, intact, shells of each species and then clean them in bleach, wash them in special chemical to bring out the color, and preserve them with a sealant to protect the color and integrity of the shells.  With due care and storage (out of direct sunlight, which fades even furniture, artwork, etc. in interiors), the shells should maintain their color and brilliance over time.

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