Pure Naples Art Photography FAQ


Can I get all of your images in any size?

Within reason.  We have carefully chosen the sizes to offer our images, as not all images fit well into certain dimensions.  Most images come out of the camera in a 3:2 format ratio; however, when stretched on canvas, some detail of the image may be lost.  Therefore, we have tried to offer the images in the format and size that best showcases each image. However, if we have a special order or request, we will do our best to accommodate.

What are metal prints?

Metal prints are thin sheets of aluminum, infused with specially coated dye, which produces a print with incredible luminescence, detail and durability.  The back of the metal print has a frame from which to hang the print on the wall with simple hardware hook. Because the print is aluminum, it is lightweight and because it is NOT made with paper or cloth, it can be wiped clean with warm water and it will NOT mildew.   This makes metal prints the perfect material for adorning a lanai, a bathroom, a kitchen or any space that is either high-humidity or where fumes are frequent.

What are canvas prints?

Canvas prints are canvas cloth on which a photographic image has been infused and stretched around a wooden frame, with part of the image visible on all four sides of the frame.  They are lightweight, portable and hang on a simple picture hook or drywall nail.

Are your matted prints acid-free?

Yes, all of our matted prints are printed on archival quality paper and matted in acid-free, archival quality mattes, ready to be framed in standard-sized frames available at your local hobby supply or home goods store.

How will my canvas/metal print look on my wall?

It’s important when buying fine art for your home or office to have a sense of scale.

We’ve set up some “virtual rooms” with some of our images in order to give our customers that sense of scale.  All of our images are available in canvas and metal in sizes ranging from small (11” x 14”) to quite large (40” x 60”).  The larger pieces are, of course, “statement pieces”, appropriate for larger rooms, and serve to anchor a room by giving a focal point for the eye and a starting point for furniture arrangement.  Please see our “ON YOUR WALL” tab for examples.

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